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Make an all day outing to Desert Islands, Madeira

Discovering the southeast of the island of Madeira

Located southeast of the Madeira Islands are magnificent and splendid islands of volcanic origin - Desert Islands. Due to the presence of a distinct diversity of fauna and flora, these islands are a protected area for about 26 years, having been created the Nature Reserve of the Desert Islands, which mainly consists of three islands: Ilhéu Chão, Deserta Grande and Bugio.

With the Catamaran trips on the island of Madeira it is possible to experience the beauty of these islands.

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Make an all day outing to Desert Islands, Madeira

In order to discover all the biodiversity present in these islands, we provide several various mini cruises that take us on an unexpected trip. With an all day cruise to deserted islands, with a duration of 7 hours, we visit the only island that is possible to be visited: Deserta Grande.

Our main objectives with the realization of this catamaran cruise is to visit / observe:

  • Volcanic formations leaving you breathless
  • Visit the Natural Reserve of the Desert Islands and main habitat of the sea lion
  • Guided tour on land;
  • There is possibility to observe cetaceans.

Beyond all recognition for its stunning landscapes, these islands are internationally known for the conservation of the sea lion , being this mandatory to visit the sea lion recovery center currently with just over 25 individual specie.

During this extraordinary journey it is also possible to observe whales, dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat, where you can witness how these fantastic living beings live, animals that have incalculable beauty.

Do not miss this fantastic and unforgettable trip to the Desert Islands, Madeira.

Thinking of your convenience, Helloguide Madeira has the service "Activities". Book the activitie that best fits your travel plan.

1 - Rates

1.1 - Adhering to our services, you are at your service one previously defined activity.

1.2 - In your statement, you will not find any additional cost, just which you have agreed with us.

2 - Insurance and Liability

2.1 - Is included in the value, the insurance and liability insurance required by law.

2.2 - The insurance is the responsibility of the company that provides the activity.

2.3 - In the event of an accident, the liability is solely and exclusively of the supplier / Partner undertaking the activity.

3 - Cancellation Policy

3.1 - We do not penalize if you cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the service. If you do after this limit will not be refunded regret over any value.

4 - Activity cancellation Activities could be canceled if:

4.1 - Not be guaranteed minimum number of participants

4.2 - Due to weather or other conditions that prevent the practice of activity (landslides, tree fall, etc.)

4.3 - Outstanding to the minimum security conditions are not met

5 - Suppliers Company / Partners

5.1 - All reservations are conducted by supplier companies/partners duly licensed for such purpose. All legal liability and information provided to the client through Helloguidemadeira are liability of the supplier companies /partners.

Tour specifications
Departure Time:
All day: Checkin 08h30, Departure 09h00, Return 17h30
Duration of the tour: + - 8:30 Hours
Language: Portuguese and English
Tours available: Saturdays (May to October)
Bar: Service available on board
Lunch: Included
Advised to bring: Sunscreen, towel, bathing suit, aquashoes/sandals and windbreaker
Route: Leaving from the Funchal Marina, towards to Desert Islands return to Funchal.
Make your reservation
Pay only 20% of the total amount of your reservation
FREE cancellation up to 48 hours before your booking

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