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Gastronomy & Wines
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Gastronomy & Wines

The diversity of culinary traditions in Madeira and Porto Santo, many of them inherited from the Portuguese mainland, provides visitors with an array of flavors that will delight even the most discerning palates. As a perfect complement, enjoy the diversity of regional and national wines, known for their excellence. Do not forget to taste the Madeira wine!

The region has a variety of restaurants, both casual and more formal. Some of the most popular local food specialties are the regional kebabs, fried polenta, black scabbard fish, meat marinated in wine and garlic, tuna steak, Portuguese stew, barley or tomato soup, and limpets. A delicious bread filled with garlic butter known as “bolo-do-caco” often accompanies meals. And if you want to sample local drinks, try the soda 'Brisa' or cool off with a 'Coral' beer.

Since Madeira is an island, there are several small restaurants offering seafood specialties called `doses' (portions). In fishing areas, you can taste limpets, shrimp, sea snails, damselfish or mackerel, all recommended local delicacies. Always save room for dessert! Try the fruit puddings. We recommend the passion fruit pudding, the semifreddo and the biscuit cake. Always chose homemade dishes and made with real fruit.

When it comes to traditional beverages, Madeira wine deserves a special mention, but try also other very popular drinks such as Poncha, the Niquita, and homemade liquors.

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