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Health & Wellness
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Health & Wellness in Madeira Island

Madeira has always been a destination of health since its colonization. The island was frequented by internationally known names those were there to heal, such as the Princess Maria Amelia, the Empress Sissi of Austria and the poet António Nobre.

The therapeutic qualities offered by this archipelago to its visitors are absolutely fascinating. All around the island, bubble calm and clear waters that allow the use of extracts from various plants and algae, but it is said that is its pure air, the mild climate and the landscape beauty that heals the soul and renews energy.

A long time ago the locals learned to take advantage of these natural gifts. Most hotels offer relaxing massages, revitalizing the body and mind and the wine therapy that you can try in the Spa of the hotel The Vine, or Thalassotherapy, one of the most popular treatments of Porto Santo. In this Island, you can enjoy the treatments using sand with proven therapeutic properties.

In Prazeres you can find the "Caminho dos Pés Descalços" (Path of the Barefoot), an idea of the Eco-Hotel Jardim do Atlantic. It is a route of about 800 meters consisting of natural elements from Madeira Island and Porto Santo - pine cones, wood, eucalyptus berries, gravel, mud, spark, black and yellow sand, pine bark, bay leaf and pebble stones. The course must be done barefoot where you can relax and get a sense of well-being.

With so many alternatives, neglect your health will not be an option. If you are not adept of thermal resorts or spas, this will not be a problem on the lush island of Madeira. Enjoy the good weather, the plants beauty, clear waters, mountain pure air and relax.

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