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Calheta, the parish that gave its name to the municipality, is also known as the land of the seven “lombos”: Lombo of Atouguia, Lombo of Doutor, Lombo of Salão, Lombo of Brasil, Lombo of Laranjeiras, Lombo of Estrela, and Lombo and Vila. “Lombos” are small population clusters, well integrated within the green agricultural landscape.

From the town, you can access the plateau of Paul da Serra and go through Rabaçal following one of the most beautiful hiking trails on the island, where the Laurissilva forest can be seen in its most pristine state.

This town is the setting for three traditional festivals: the festival of the patron saint of the Espirito Santo (Holy Spirit) celebrated on Pentecost Sunday, the Santíssimo Sacramento (Blessed Sacrament), and Nossa Senhora dos Bons Caminhos, which takes place on the last Sunday of September.

The parish of Calheta is also known for its important religious buildings. Thus, besides the beautiful building of the arts center 'Casa das Mudas', it is recommended that you pay a visit to the parish church. Its architectural and artistic heritage is of great richness. For example, look for the tabernacle in ebony with exquisite inlays of silver and a beautiful oil painting showing the Imaculada Conceição (Immaculate Conception).

With regards to religious heritage, you can also visit in this parish the chapels of:

  • São João Batista
  • Francisco Xavier
  • Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso
  • Jesus, Maria and José
  • Santo António dos Milagres
  • São José

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