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Jardim da Serra
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Jardim da Serra

They call it the land of the cherry, but Jardim da Serra has many more attractions. Home to humble and friendly people, this beautiful parish is a natural amphitheatre. In April, the hilly landscape is dressed in white with the first flowers of the large cherry field. Then in June, the cherry picking gives way to a party in honour of this fruit, an event that unites the efforts of entire local community.

In this lush green setting, walks are definitely in order. The parish is sought after daily thanks to its fantastic walks and landscapes that amaze tourists.

Indulge in the magnificence of nature from the Boca dos Namorados lookout point, with a panoramic view of Curral das Freiras, where you can enjoy the scent of eucalyptus, the beauty of wildflowers, and make use of the outdoor barbecues. Nearby one can make use of the services of the 'Escapada dos Cavaleiros' ('Escapade of the Knights') equestrian centre.

The Corrida lookout point is a recommended spot. From there you can see a breathtaking view, of Curral das Freiras, at an altitude of about 1000m or go on different marked out walks. Get well equipped!

If you get the chance, don't miss the 'Aquagem' waterfall. Located in Jardim da Serra, between Fonte Frade and Luzirão, the waterfall is approximately 49m high and is very beautiful. It is also accessible from Levada do Norte.

Other points of interest:

Quinta Jardim da Serra

Commissioned by Henry Veitch in the 19th century, one of the most influential consuls in Madeira, this estate has a beautiful garden and magnificent views over the Atlantic Ocean. Currently, this space has been converted into a hotel, whose activities benefit agriculture, giving guests the opportunity to savour natural products and connect with agriculture.

São Cristóvão Chapel

Located in Boca da Corrida, it was built in 1999 in honour of St. Christopher, patron saint of motorists who celebrate their patron there each year. Consolação Chapel Located in Fôro, its construction dates to 1684. The stonework of the main entrance and the cross are the only elements which remain from the original chapel. Celebrations are held on the 1st of November.

Jardim da Serra Church.

Built in 2009 to replace an old temple in the area, the Jardim da Serra Church is dedicated to Saint James.

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