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The central parish of Funchal is called Sé and hosts the beautiful Manueline style cathedral. Its silver processional cross, a gift of King Manuel I, is considered one of the masterpieces of Manueline Portuguese jewelry. Right next door, next to one of the oldest cafes in the city, is the Parliament which conducts the destiny of the Region.

This parish, which began in 1550, is evidently a center of commerce and services but despite being cosmopolitan, Sé retains certain side streets that give it an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

In this parish, there are numerous attractions. Starting with the Cathedral, as already mentioned, and the Church of the Jesuit College also known as the Church of São João Evangelista, a work by the Jesuit Order, which features gilt wood work from the seventeenth century, considered one of the most outstanding examples of its time.

Other points of interest:

The Funchal City Hall building situated in the former palace of Count Carvalhal.

The Sacred Art Museum with its important collections of Flemish painting from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, religious sculpture from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries and jewelry of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Fortress or Palace of São Lourenço, a palace with Military, Manueline and Mannerist architecture.

The Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre, located on Avenida Arriaga and featuring an elegant and architecturally balanced facade. Avenida Arriaga and its monument to the island’s discoverer, João Gonçalves Zarco. The statue is by Francisco Franco, and was commissioned by the local government.

The Wineries of San Francisco, "The Old Blandy Wine Lodges", where you can visit an exhibition that runs through a set of buildings, including remaining parts of the former Convent of São Francisco of Funchal, which was demolished in the nineteenth century.

The Municipal Garden, also known as Dona Amelia Garden, located on the north side of Avenida Arriaga. This space occupies an area of 8,300 m2 and features a café stand and an outdoor amphitheater.

The Santa Catarina Park, with an area of about 36 000 m2. This space is located between Avenida do Infante and Avenida Sá Carneiro and is very popular with locals and visitors.

The Quinta Vigia, located near the Santa Catarina Park and is today the official residence of the president of the Regional Government of Madeira and is surrounded by a lush and exotic garden.

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