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Santo António da Serra
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Santo António da Serra

Santo António da Serra, which is a land of golf and fine estates, is a unique case in the Madeiran archipelago. It is the only parish of the region legally divided by two municipalities: Santa Cruz and Machico.

With a predominantly green landscape, it stands out for having manors of considerable beauty, as well as various hotels and rural tourism houses. One of the most notable residences is the Blandy Manor, an English colonial building dating from the late 19th century, with a lush landscaped park.

It is also in Santo António da Serra that the Santo da Serra Golf Club is located, which is considered one of the most spectacular in Europe, with its 27 holes, all characterized by generous "fairways" and "greens" and a superb view over the mountains and sea.

The Main Church of Santo António da Serra is another of the attractions of this particular parish, having been built in the same place as a 16th century chapel. The temple, dedicated to the patron saint of Santo António, was altered in the mid-19th century.

In Sítio dos Casais Próximos, very close to the main church, the green, recreational space designated by the Junta Manor must be highlighted. It comes with a public park where a small zoo has been added.

Also take advantage of your trip through this parish to taste the cider, a drink made from the juice of apples crushed with wood stomps and fermented in wooden casks. It is a refreshing, alcoholic drink that is very popular in this parish.

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