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Achadas da Cruz

Achadas da Cruz

In the far northwest of the island of Madeira, we find the parish Achadas da Cruz.

Because of its remote location, this beautiful land that lives off agriculture and livestock only saw its first populated centre in the 16th century. Fearless people who decided to live in isolation and without much comfort. These people gave rise to important personalities such as Manuel de Pontes Câmara, a benefactor who contributed to the construction of the first local chapel.

Visit the local church in the parish dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Livramento.

This is a region of mysteries that will forever be associated with the disappearance of "Varuna Yacht", a spectacular luxury yacht owned by American millionaire Eugene Higgins, which sank a hundred years ago in the Achadas da Cruz sea, an event reported by the international press. Some stories say that there is still a treasure hidden in those waters.

Currently, the town has a modern cable car that will take you on a trip to the beautiful Fajã da Achadas da Cruz, where you can enjoy the small beach and its crystal clear waters. If you're not a fan of heights, treat yourself to a fantastic view from the lookout point next to the lift or relax in café.

For those who enjoy walking, the village offers a beautiful route along the Calhau das Anchas footpath that starts near the cable car and leads to the Fajã beach. The walk down to the beach takes about 1 hour, but this is a journey that can be challenging, so you should be careful.

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