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Ribeira Brava
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Ribeira Brava

Ribeira Brava is the parish that gave its name to the municipality. The name refers to the stream that runs through the town.

When it comes to the town’s cultural heritage, one must highlight the church of St. Bento, built in the fifteenth century and located in the center of Ribeira Brava. In it, you can see Flemish influenced paintings representing the Virgin and Child, St. Bento and St. Bernardo.

We also suggest a visit to the Madeira Ethnographic Museum, which is a small museum devoted to the research, preservation and dissemination of traditional Madeiran culture, and to the fort of St. Bento, a building from the early eighteenth century.

This fort, which was originally built to defend the population from attacks by pirates and privateers, was turned into a prison in 1920. In the main façade, which faces north, a round arched gate is topped by inscriptions and the national coat of arms. On the side facing the sea, there is a small niche containing an image of St. Bento (St Benedict). The Fort today is an Information Center.

Another point of great interest is the Solar dos Herédias, a historic building ranked as Monument of Municipal Interest in 1994 and that is located in the village center, almost next to the main church.

This historic building is the former home of the founder of the municipality and Viscount of Ribeira Brava, Francisco Correia Heredia. Today it houses the City Hall of Ribeira Brava. It dates from the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century.

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