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A land of lush green and a lowest temperature of between 15 and 20 degrees throughout the year, Camacha is marked in the history of Madeira as the first place where football was played in Portugal, in 1875, when a British student residing in Madeira, Harry Hinton, introduced the sport. It was in Largo da Achada, where today one can visit a commemorative wall with the same name.

This picturesque area remains one of the most visited by tourists, given its folk tradition. It has seven communities that are active in this parish, including singing and dancing in the various events held for the region.

At Café Relógio, visit one of the largest craft shows of the famous "Wicker works" where you can find different kinds of pieces, made manually, ranging from furniture to kitchen utensils. This creative art of great quality and international renown can be witnessed live in this place.

Beyond the wicker industry, rural tourism and restoration are important activities in this parish.

The Café Relógio, an icon of Camcha, was commissioned by Dr. Michael Grabham and inaugurated in 1896. The clock and bell of this famous tower were brought from Liverpool, from the Parish Church of Walton.

The Parish Church of Camacha was built in the late 18th century by Francisco Gonçalves Salgado. Its architecture is baroque and neoclassical and inside we can see neoclassical tiles and paintings on the ceiling of the nave. Its patron is St. Lawrence.

Built in the nineties, the Parish Church of Camacha (New Church), is also dedicated to St Lawrence, patron saint of this parish. The modern architecture of this temple often surprises visitors, as it resembles a kind of tent. Inside there are 7 pillars that evoke the Seven Sacraments.

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