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It is considered one of the most beautiful and pleasant parishes of Madeira, perhaps because it offers visitors a bit of everything: beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate, fabulous beaches, unique nature, fantastic conditions practicing various sports, excellent hotels, and restaurants.

Caniço is much sought after by tourists visiting Madeira, whether in summer or winter. It is enjoyed as a place of fun but also as a resting place. One of the strengths of this parish is the Garajau Partial Natural Reserve. It is the only exclusively marine reserve in the country, which thanks to its extraordinary biological richness and its crystal blue waters, offers unparalleled conditions for snorkelling and diving.

Beyond the Garajau beach (where a visit is recommended to the Cristo Rei lookout point), the beaches of Galo and Reis Magos (very popular for surfing) are other fabulous places to go for a dip.

Blessed with good hotels and restaurants, Caniço combines modernity with the rural side of the parish, featuring agriculture, particularly the cultivation of onion, as an important economic activity.

If you are interested in religious heritage, you can visit the Matriz do Caniço Church in the centre of the parish, commissioned in 1783, which stands out for its architecture somewhere between Baroque and Rococo in style. It has a long floor plan and a single nave, a gable cornice main façade with a full arch portal, finished with large windows and royal weapons. Inside, the white and gold decorations and paintings by Nicolau Ferreira catch the eye.

Other points of interest:

Nossa Senhora da Consolação Chapel: Built in the eleventh century, this small chapel still celebrates Sunday Mass, and hosts a religious festival in early November.

Mãe de Deus Chapel: It is located in Mãe de Deus and is a fine example of the Portuguese late gothic style and Manueline decoration. It was classed as a listed building in 1940.

Forte dos Reis Magos: Situated in the beautiful Praia dos Reis Magos, this small military fortress, built in the 18th century, played a very important role in the defence of the Madeira archipelago from attacks by pirates and privateers. Today it lies in ruins.

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