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Elevated parish status in 1558, Gaula is a land of beautiful landscapes and a very pleasant climate, which explains the growth in population over the past few years.

This parish does a lot of craftwork; of particular note is the Madeira embroidery and wicker work. It is also the Madeiran territory with the highest number of listed fountains, a heritage that is worth knowing and which is a witness to the everyday hardships of the people in the days when there was no drinking water network.

In Gaula you can also visit a number of mills. Among them, the Manuel Tavares, built in the 19th century, with two floors, and a roof covered in Roman tiles.

The current parish Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, from the mid-18th century, is a monument that deserves to be highlighted, with its historic bell and many liturgical vessels including a processional cross from the 15th century. The feast in honour of Senhora da Luz is celebrated every year in September, attracting many people.

Other points of interest:

Manor of Nossa Senhora de Assunção da Torre: The existence of this manor is mentioned in the parish books of Gaul in 1675. The counts of Calçada are among some of its most notable owners. They eventually sold the property. The manor suffered extensive damage after a fire, at which point it was rebuilt, unlike the chapel, which remains in ruins.

Manor of São João Latrão: Built in the 18th century to replace the old houses of the squire of Gaula, it comprises four bodies with four roof planes each, covered with Roman tiles. It was restored in 1949, at which time the present chapel of São João Latrão was built.

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