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Santa Cruz
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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a parish with an area of 28.10 km2, known for its beautiful pebble beach, Praia das Palmeiras, and the water park – the only attraction of its kind in Madeira.

Enjoy visiting the beautiful Quinta do Revoredo – House of Culture, from the 19th century, where you can take in a beautiful seaside garden with several dragon trees and a pleasing view.

While walking through the centre of Santa Cruz, take a break and relax in the municipal garden, situated in the centre of the parish, where the diversity of flowers and trees provide moments of special harmony. Also visit the 16th century building of the Town Hall, a national monument that retains some traces of the Manueline style.

The Church of Santa Cruz, dedicated to San Salvador, is a temple that honours the Gothic-Manueline style, being one of the more architecturally interesting churches located outside Funchal.

Other points of interest:

São Pedro Chapel: Built in 1500 at the mouth of the Ribeira da Boaventura, this chapel is characterized by the simplicity of its architectural lines. In 1772, the chapel was destroyed by a storm and was rebuilt in 1793. It has a late-Mannerist style, with a longitudinal floor plan and single nave and chancel. In June, it celebrates the Feast of St. Peter.

Chapel of Santa Isabel: This temple, dating from the early 16th century, is integrated into the building of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Santa Cruz. Its gothic portal is very beautiful, as well as the gilded high altar.

Dos Remédios Chapel: chapel built in the late 17th century where, in September, we celebrate the Feast of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

Santo Amaro Chapel: Built in 1641 and rebuilt in 1922, on the 15th of January this chapel celebrates the feast in honour of its patron saint, Saint Amaro, which marks the end of the celebrations of the Christmas season in Madeira.

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