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This small parish got its name thanks to the beech trees (Faia) that grew there. Since its inception in 1550, Faial has always depended on agriculture, a practice which has benefited from the richness of its soil.

Despite its rural character, this quiet neighbourhood has been growing in recent years. Currently it has a fishing port on the north side and a modern swimming complex, including a natural swimming pool, a restaurant area, bathhouse, playground, and a large solarium. This room also has an area for sand sports, which is suitable for international championships in football, handball, and beach volleyball and even a multi-purpose field for practicing other activities.

Near the Ribeira do Faial Bathing Complex there is a karting track.

Visit the fort of Faial, a monument that still has some old cannons and where you can enjoy a great panoramic view.

This parish is also home to Montado do Sabugal, an area of outstanding beauty within the natural park of Madeira.

Visit the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, a small chapel with a single nave carved from red volcanic rock. It was built in the year 1685 and is said to have provided shelter for slaves from the Canary Islands.

The Parish of Faial had its first church on the bank of Ribeira, but was eventually destroyed by the waters of said river. In the late 18th century, a different church was built farther from the river. This church was portrayed in a watercolour drawing by Andrew Piken, dated 1842.

This church had a fire in 1960 and it only the exterior walls remained. A modern church was built on the same site.

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