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Madeira Diving

Are you a fan of diving? If so, you have to come to Madeira. The mild climate throughout the year, sea temperatures ranging between 18 and 23 degrees, crystal clear waters, an abundance of fish and the chance to see species such as dolphins, rays, manta ray and giant groupers, make this island one of the best places in the world for diving.

There are numerous spots where you can do it, but the most spectacular are found in Garajau and Caniço where there are some local dive centres, and one has been elected the best base for diving sports in Europe / the Atlantic by the prestigious German magazine 'Unterwasser'.

The reserve of Garajau, which is a protected area accessible via cable car, is the most popular among underwater photographers, thanks to the graciousness of its depths of more than 30 metres, caves which are home to sea lions and the famous groupers, a docile fish that coexists with divers and weighs up to 65 kg.

In Canico, Galo and Reis Magos, the rays are an attraction. You can choose several different dives in this area of low difficulty which are accessible from various points of the beach. The "Cave", the "Lava Finger" and "Arena" are some of the underwater sites that you can visit here.

You can also dive in unique places like the Desert Islands. It is an important centre for marine biodiversity, where you can enjoy seeing several endemic species. In Porto Santo you can observe the fantastic artificial reef created by "O Madeirense", the ship which carried out the crossings between Funchal and Porto Santo and sunk in 2000.

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