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Shopping in Madeira Island

In Madeira you can find several stores of the most reputable brands. During a visit through the Madeira's capital center, the traditional trade offers you great brands and at the same time regional high quality products.

From the Farmers Market, through Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas and near the Cathedral, you can find the highest concentration of shops of tapestry, Madeira embroidery and other crafts.

However, throughout the island there is a large supply of traditional shops.

Funchal is currently served by three large shopping malls where you can shop, dine or watch a movie. These enclosures are usually open up to 22 hours and up to 24 hours during weekends.

In the downtown area, just two minutes away from the Marina and along the Avenida de Arriaga, you will find the Dolce Vita which is a modern shopping center.

In the tourist area of the west of Funchal, in the Ajuda area is located the Forum Madeira shopping center with its modern and airy architecture, which offers the visitor a wide variety of shops and cinema.

The Madeira Shopping in Santa Quitéria, is another large shopping center, away from the central area of ​​Funchal. It is equipped with a wide range of shops and services.

In addition to these infrastructures, Funchal also has smaller shopping centers such as Anadia Shopping, next to the Farmers Market, the Marina Shopping, Galeries de São Lourenço and Arcadas São Francisco, the latter three are located close to Avenida Arriaga.

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