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Madeira Spas

The archipelago is much more than just a holiday destination. In this charming territory that hosts superb natural beauties, waterfalls, unique plants and animals in the world, you will surely free your mind and renew energies.

Madeira has many options to unwind. The massages with essential oils or an algae mask are fantastic. If you like, use the sauna, the turkish bath or the Jacuzzi .Then, the yoga and alternative therapies such as shiatsu or reiki are other ways to renew energy and better enjoy your vacation.

On the island of Porto Santo, you may have treatments with hot sands with proven therapeutic properties in various physical conditions, ranging from rheumatism to skin problems, as well as various treatments based on water. In thalassotherapy, for example, is used the thermal action of the seawater and the involvement in algae to hydrate the body, providing it vitamins and minerals. You can also try the Vichy shower.

The gardens of exotic flowers make Madeira a haven of aromatherapy because of its natural aromas which help to relax the body and ease the mind. The sweet aroma of fennel releases the emotions; the floral and citrus aroma of the geranium, soothes the senses; rosemary is refreshing and relieves respiratory problems. Lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus, cloves, ginger or orange are other aromas of Madeira that help to harmonize the senses.

With the ingredients that produces the best Madeira wine are also made the best pampering to your body. Experience an exfoliation of grape pips macerated in Madeira wine or the citrine massage, or lavender with Madeira wine and surrender to its relaxing effects.

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