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Madeira Travel Guide - Transfers, excursions, activities…

Madeira tourism guide - The stunning landscapes of the archipelago of Madeira, its rich flora and fauna, its rich history and culture on display at museums and churches, the year-round mild temperatures, celebrations and festivals and the friendliness of the local population are only a few of the factors that make the Madeira island one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world.

Helloguide Madeira hopes to be of help to you.

Make your bookings with us - If you want to book an activity not hesitate to contact us, transfers, excursionsactivities, car hire and many more ...

Explore and read all the information in our online tourism guide, find our interactive Madeira Island Map.

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Airport - Calheta
From the airport to Calheta with comfort and safety
Airport - Calheta

Photo of the day

Arrangements Flower Festival
Arrangements Flower Festival
Author: Regina Freitas

Weather in Madeira

Sunday,  08 April
Scattered clouds
19° min   19° max
Scattered clouds
Pressure 1024 bar
Humidity 63%
Wind Speed 4.1 km/h
Sunrise 07:46
Sunset 20:32
Thursday, 26 April
Light rain
Friday, 27 April
Clear sky
Saturday, 28 April
Few clouds

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